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Innovative buildings

There are a great many highly original and innovative monuments, statues, buildings and spaces in existence around the world. In this post we bring you a selection of a few that we’ve chosen on the basis on their qualities of effectiveness, efficiency or originality. First on the list is the Invisible Tower. A 453-metre-tall skyscraper located in Seoul which, once completed, will feature a system of cameras and LED screens to accentuate its form. The idea, ultimately, is for these cameras t…

The world’s most incredible wooden building

Photography: The heightened awareness in today’s society about the importance of protecting and caring for our environment has created a trend towards the development of non-polluting vehicles, clean spaces and buildings that are as environmentally friendly as possible. With that in mind, we have decided to focus on a new skyscraper project in Tokyo that, once completed, is set to become the tallest wooden building in the world. Japanese company Suumitomo Forestry assures …
architect at work madrid
Stars Wars

May the force of architecture be with you!

Photo: Moon Hoon Architect Star Wars is not just a movie franchise, for some it is a whole way of life. Fans of the saga no longer need to be content with merely collecting the merchandise, with the world of architecture working to provide an experience worthy of any true Jedi. There are a number of Star Wars-inspired houses in existence but perhaps the most well-known can be found in the Yongin province of South Korea; a house that conjures up the spectre of the Imperial Death Star This h…
Building Information Modeling

Technology and architecture: The digitisation of architecture

Photo: These days, everything evolves in a succession of giant leaps, a fact that is particularly true in the case of technology. Architecture, like any other discipline, is constantly changing. Technological evolution is changing the way we work, think and create. Digitisation within this sector is gradually advancing along a road that involves the adoption of a new methodology known as Building Information Modelling (BIM) i.e., the virtual construction of buildings in 3D prio…
Casa bio

The biological house

Photo: People all over the world are becoming increasingly careful and respectful. The environment is a problem of the first order and a clear example of this is the creation of a biological house in Denmark. By biological house we mean a home built from farming waste, like straw and grass. Instead of burning these leftovers for energy, they were converted into raw building materials. Architects Een til Een have pushed the boundaries of construction to …
The Wall

The Walled, a traditional yet original hotel

There was a plot in Yangzhou, China, with a number of unused buildings. Following a brief to repurpose these structures in harmony with the landscape, architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu used tonnes of reclaimed grey bricks to create a 20-room boutique hotel. The result was The Walled, an incredible establishment that looks handmade. The architects have respected traditional walls, horizontal buildings and courtyards in the layout of the various areas of the hotel. An idea that came from a …
Federation Square

Melbourne’s architectural landmark

  Over on the other side of the world, another incredible building that has been described as ‘minimalist-deconstructivist’. It stands in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, and is a public space which dominates its setting. A complex combining office space with cultural facilities, with brash, apparently chaotic exteriors grouped around a central plaza. Aesthetically, the Federation Square building offers a radically fragmented reading of minimalism. The façades combine glass, zinc an…
Incredible unfinished buildings

Incredible unfinished buildings

Not for the first time, an architect dies leaving unfinished work. It happened with Gaudí and his most marvellous creation, the Sagrada Família. Gaudí didn't live to see it completed, and to tell the truth it isn't clear whether we will either. When Zaha Hadid, one of the world's most respected and best-loved architects, died on 31 March 2016, she left behind a remarkable series of unfinished projects. What made Hadid different was her incredible sense of plasticity. One such example, a…
Codina Aarchitect@Work

Architect@Work, in Barcelona again

Architect@Work will be held in Barcelona from 14th of February to 15th. It is one of the most important events about the architectural world and it will land in Barcelona for the second consecutive year. This time, it will take place on the Barcelona International Convention Center- Willy de Brandt Square, 11-14 08019 Barcelona-, from 1pm to 8pm. A very important architectural event which is expects to have a great reception, as in the previous edition. Architect@Work is a show aimed ex…
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