Stars Wars

May the force of architecture be with you!

Photo: Moon Hoon Architect Star Wars is not just a movie franchise, for some it is a whole way of life. Fans of the saga no longer need to be content with merely collecting the merchandise, with th…
Building Information Modeling

Technology and architecture: The digitisation of architecture

Photo: These days, everything evolves in a succession of giant leaps, a fact that is particularly true in the case of technology. Architecture, like any other discipline, is constantly …
Casa bio

The biological house

Photo: People all over the world are becoming increasingly careful and respectful. The environment is a problem of the first order and a clear example of this is t…
The Wall

The Walled, a traditional yet original hotel

There was a plot in Yangzhou, China, with a number of unused buildings. Following a brief to repurpose these structures in harmony with the landscape, architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu used tonnes…
Federation Square

Melbourne’s architectural landmark

  Over on the other side of the world, another incredible building that has been described as ‘minimalist-deconstructivist’. It stands in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, and is a public spac…
Incredible unfinished buildings

Incredible unfinished buildings

Not for the first time, an architect dies leaving unfinished work. It happened with Gaudí and his most marvellous creation, the Sagrada Família. Gaudí didn't live to see it completed, and to tell t…
Architectural trends for 2018

Architectural trends for 2018

Photo: pixabay The new year is upon us and, as always, that means new trends. Society changes and evolves with every year that passes and, of course, architecture is required to adjust accordingly.…
Tiny Houses

Tiny houses

  Recent years have brought about a change in architecture, particularly with regard to residential buildings and homes. One such change is the increasingly popular fashion for tiny houses, with ar…
Filarmonica Hamburg

The Elbe Philharmonic Hall

Hamburg is home to one of the most astonishing and expensive buildings in the world. The idea to create a spectacular space to bring together the worlds of music, dance and theatre originally started …
Homed, Framlab studio in New York

Capsule or house?

There is a heightened awareness of the importance of recycling and caring for our surroundings in today’s society, which is why, when the Framlab studio in New York came up with the idea of capitali…
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