Codina Architectural Water Tower Metal Mesh

Refurbishing a water tank with metal mesh by Codina Architectural

Refurbishing and adding character to buildings with a harsh or trivial appearance can be achieved with the installation of new cladding. Codina Architectural metal meshes are a great option due to their lightness, speed of installation and unique aesthetic result. This was the case with the water tower built in the 50s in the Swedish town of Västervik.


Codina Architectural Water Tower Metal Mesh
Vattentornet Västervik, SWECO

Water towers or tanks are large containers whose purpose is to store large amounts of water that can then be used for firefighting or industrial purposes. They are needed to be built when there are no natural elevations of the land, and their shape, size and selected construction materials are sometimes defined by the public entities in the place where they are located, while others are defined by architects, which means that we can find a wide variety of designs of these towers around the world. The most common designs to find are plain constructions, with strong, concrete walls. This was what the water tower in the Swedish city of Västervik was like, a building from the 1950s that is located at the entrance to the city and that needed a rehabilitation. In addition to improving the condition of the infrastructure and the operation of the tank, the Sweco architecture studio gave it a new, more contemporary aesthetic appearance. To do so, they created a new skin with 900 m2 of Eiffel 40100 metal mesh by Codina Architectural. In total, 16 separate pieces of up to 16 metres in length were installed with the TF-30 fastening system. The mesh extends in a zigzag manner over the mass of concrete. An exterior architectural lighting system was added to this lightweight cladding that projects a play of colourful lights at night.

Location: Västervik (Sweden).
Architect: Sweco Stockholm.
Installer: Artmesh.
Architectural Mesh model: EIFFEL 40100 stainless steel metal mesh.
Fastening System: TF-30.
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman.

Codina ARchitectural en ZAK Dubai 2021

Successful attendance at the WORLD OF FAÇADES conference in Dubai

More than 300 professionals specialized in facade design and engineering attended the latest edition of the World of Façades conference in Dubai in person. These were joined by 1000 people in a virtual way who were able to follow the presentations live on Linkedin and YouTube.

Yoshiyuki Uchiyama from the Nikken Sekkei architecture studio, Kourosh Salehi from LWK + Partners, Frans von Vuure from Unstudio, and Mercedes Gallardo from Arup participated in this edition.

If you want to see the presentations again, you can do so by accessing these links:

Morning session - See here
Afternoon session - See here

During the event, attendees were also able to access different networking activities and the exhibitor room where they could learn about Codina Architectural's solutions.

Codina Architectural metal meshes can be used on facades to configure envelopes with unique shapes or to create solar protection or security elements.

The World of Façades event is an initiative of Zak Exhibitions & Conferences. Codina Architectural will be present again at the edition in New York (November 18).


World of Facade Dubai 2021

Codina Architectural, Associate Partner of the WORLD OF FAÇADES conference in Dubai

On March 16, the 78th edition of the World of Façades conference will be held in Dubai in which experts in architecture and facade engineering will speak about architectural trends in the post-COVID era.

The event will take place in person and partially online via LinkedIn.

This edition will feature, amongst other architects and facade specialists, Yoshiyuki Uchiyama from the Nikken Sekkei architecture studio, Kourosh Salehi from LWK + Partners, Frans von Vuure from Unstudio, and Mercedes Gallardo from Arup.

During the face-to-face event, attendees will be able to access different networking activities and the exhibitor hall where they can learn about Codina Architectural solutions.

Codina Architectural metal meshes can be used on facades to configure enclosures with unique shapes or to offer solar protection or security.

The World of Façades event is an initiative by Zak Exhibitions & Conferences.


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Ona BookShop Codina Architectural Metal Mesh

The open plan design of Llibrería Ona

Defining the different areas that exist in an open-plan commercial space is one of the key tasks for interior designers in order to ensure a good experience for visitors and customers. At the Llibrería Ona library in Barcelona, the issue of distributing its different areas was resolved through the use of colour, furniture and light metal panels manufactured by Codina Architectural.

Llibrería Ona is a new literary space located in the Eixample district of Barcelona, where art, literature, and music converge. Dedicated to books written in the Catalan language, this cultural facility has been designed based on a contemporary and functional approach. It's not only a bookstore where you can buy books, but also a place for learning, get-togethers and talks.

To define the different areas in the bookstore while taking into account the different audiences that visit it and its intended uses, different interior solutions were implemented through the use of colors and dividing elements such as the metal mesh by Codina Architectural.

Through a play of colors, some of the surfaces are highlighted while others remain more neutral so that the visitor can position themselves accordingly and enjoy the complex morphology of what this facility has to offer. In addition, each tone has been defined according to the character and the target of the room. For example, in the youth/children's area, warm tones have been chosen that awaken creativity, while those for adult audiences have been covered in cooler tones that evoke reflection and serenity.

Ona BookShop Codina Architectural Metal Mesh

In addition to this use of color, there was also the need to make other smaller areas more private, which are used for exhibitions, presentations, or events. To achieve this, they have opted for fixed metal meshes, specifically the Mies R metal mesh by Codina Architectural in stainless steel. The Mies R, with a small spiral, becomes an optimal solution that lets you see what's on the other side while adding texture to the decoration and acting as a room divider in multifunctional interior spaces. The stainless steel finish that was chosen makes the space feel modern, while also generating brightness and that cold, serene tone that the designers wanted to achieve when creating these rooms for Llibrería Ona.

Client: Llibrería Ona (
Location: Pau Claris, 94. Barcelona (Spain).
Interior design and graphic design: Mediapro Exhibitions.
Construction management: CLAR Gestión de Obras.
Surface area: 800 m2.
Codina Architectural solution: 55 m2 of MIES R metal mesh in a stainless steel finish.
Photo: Meritxell Arjalaguer - Courtesy of Ona Llibres.



Codina Architectural Eiffel 40100

Copper metal meshes for facades

Copper metal meshes for facades

Codina metal meshes that can be used in interior spaces, but particularly in exterior facades, are now also manufactured in copper. With this new finish, designers and planners will be able to create elegant surroundings that blend perfectly into the landscape and urban settings. In addition, as this is a 100% recyclable material at the end of its useful life, they can use an architectural solution that will help to reduce the environmental impact of their projects.

Copper is a material that provides excellent resistance to corrosion while at the same time delivering a modern and elegant design in both interior and exterior spaces. Given the quality of this material and its potential uses, Codina has decided to extend the range of metal mesh solutions to include the option of having them manufactured in copper.

Market Építő

One of the first buildings where this new model of copper metal enclosure has been installed is in the new offices of the Market Építő construction company in Budapest, Hungary. The new company headquarters occupy 5,500 square metres. The building is constructed mostly from glass, with a large natural copper metal mesh of 1630 m2 built with the EIFFEL 40100 model by Codina Architectural. The facade solution not only creates an aesthetically attractive finish when viewed from the exterior,it also helps to filter direct sunlight, providing comfort to users of the facilities.

Some of the benefits of copper in architecture are resistance to corrosion and great durability, even in coastal or industrial areas. It does not require any maintenance or cleaning. Copper is also a 100% recyclable material. In fact, studies conducted by the European Copper Institute have found that copper is a material that, during its production, handling, use and at the end of its useful life, complies with the European regulatory framework to generate the least impact on the environment and on people's health.


Codina Architectural Architect at work Berlin Metal Mesh

Codina, exhibitor at the Architect @ Work Berlin 2020 Fair

Codina will be present as an exhibitor at the Architect@Work Berlin 2020 Fair

Codina will participate as an exhibitor at the next Architect@Work Berlin fair, which will be held on October 7 and 8, 2020. Architect @ Work Berlin is an innovative international benchmark fair that exclusively welcomes architects, interior designers, manufacturers and distributors. At the Fair, both innovative techniques and products will be presented to professionals in the construction sector, the exhibition of which will be carried out by exclusive manufacturers and distributors.

Architect @ Work Berlin 2020 is planned as a fair that looks positively towards the future, in which Codina will introduce innovations, new features and new products related to architectural wire meshes. We'll be at the booth number 117, where we'll be really pleased to welcome you.

The Architect @ Work Fairs are characterized by their innovative concept of exhibitors and visitors spaces. With a distribution of spaces different from traditional fairs, we find small modular units in which exhibitors present their new products in a creative and aesthetic way. Relationships between visitors and exhibitors take place in the spaces that surround these small modular units, so that the initial contact takes place directly at the stands. Thus, in Architect @ Work the traditional ones become rest areas: places to relax and talk in a relaxed way about products, applications or services.

Architect @ Work Berlin: all the information

Berlin station
Luckenwalder Str. 4-6
10963 Berlin
Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8
Every day from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
All information at

Codina Architectural Materials and Light Metal Mesh

Codina at Materials & Light Fair

Codina together with its partner in France Maillemetal design participates as an exhibitor at the Materials & Light Fair

The Materials and Light Fair will be held on September 8 and 9 in Paris and Codina and France Maillemetal design will be present with a stand where we will be pleased to welcome you and show you our latest developments & products for architectural meshes.

Materials & Light is a Fair organized by the magazine d'a jointly with muuuz. It annually gathers around 2,500 visitors including professionals in architecture, urban planning and landscaping, interior designers, decorators and designers. With the aim of presenting new products and materials, the schedule of the Fair includes exhibitions, conferences by renowned experts, thematic guided tours and several workshops to publicize innovative solutions for architecture.

Surrounded by a sculptural scenography and an original mise en scène, two significant events will also take place within the framework of the Fair: on one hand, the 2nd Séquences Bois Trophies will be awarded on Sept 8 and, on the other hand, the 2020 ADC Awards on Sept 9.

Materials & Light: practical information

Dates: Tuesday, September 8 and Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Venue: Le Carreau du Temple - 4 rue Eugène Spuller, 75003 Paris


  • Tuesday, September 8, from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Evening with invitation from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 9 11.00 to 19.00
  • Evening of the ADC Awards 2020 with invitation from 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm

More information at

Codina Architectural Hudson Yards 55 Metal Mesh

55 Hudson Yards

Codina has been involved in the construction project for the Hudson Yards, a new NY neighborhood located in western Manhattan, with the manufacture and installation of the Paxton wire mesh.
The architectural project developed for the new Hudson Yards area of ​​New York includes new equipment such as a public park, a multidisciplinary artistic center or a shopping center, in addition to six skyscrapers.

The building:

55 Hudson Yards is one of those new skyscrapers. Its construction started in 2015 and was originally scheduled to be completed in 2019.
55 Hudson Yards is a mixed-use skyscraper intended for offices and a 150-room hotel. The ground floor is designed to locate 3,000 square meters of commercial spaces. The building rests on the new 7-line metro extension, making it highly accessible and connected to the rest of the city.

The 55 Hudson Yards is an energy efficient skyscraper, and is expected to achieve LEED Gold certification when completed. It also has destination selection elevators, column-free exterior corners with floor-to-ceiling windows offering unbeatable views of the Hudson River, High Line and New York City, and 3.7m-high ceilings.

The facade:

The facade is inspired by the High Line district, the cast iron facades of the Soho buildings, and the best of early Modernism. Matte metal and staggered articulation of window frames present a strong and solid exterior appearance. These characteristics give it a modern image along with an exclusively New York character. While the building references the solid exterior of the city's classic cast iron buildings, it shares its expansive floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize interior light.

PAXTON architectural wire mesh:

Codina has participated in the construction project for the 55 Hudson Yards skyscraper with the manufacture and installation of 2,605 m2 of PAXTON architectural wire mesh, stainless steel. The fastening technique has been specially tailored for the project.

Project details:

55 Hudson Yards with PAXTON wire mesh
55 Hudson Yards with PAXTON wire mesh


55 Hudson Yards a project with PAXTON architectural mesh
55 Hudson Yards, a project with PAXTON architectural mesh

Codina Architectural Barber Shop Mallorca Metal Mesh

Barber’s Club. Mallorca.

Architectural Wire Meshes by Codina, in the design project of the Barber’s Club in Mallorca.

The project has been developed as if it were a traditional razor. The combination between the softness and the warmth of the velvety facing as a handle in contrast to the millimeter precision and coldness of the Codina metal mesh sheet that covers it delimiting the surface of the premises creates the perfect balance between delicacy and rawness.

During all steps of the design project, fusion and synergy between traditional elements lasting in time with avant-garde materials has been sought, so it becomes possible to offer not only a service, but also an unrepeatable experience for clients.

Barber’s Club is the evolution of a traditional barber shop concept following a lineage of barbers, starting 1929. It's located in Plaça Banc de S’Oli 09, Palma de Mallorca.

Architectural wire mesh models in the Barber’s Club project:

Different models by Codina have been used for this project:

EIFFEL 1550 stainless wire mesh model: 16 m2
MIES stainless wire mesh model: 6 m2
JACOBSEN 1515 stainless wire mesh model: 56 m2

Fastening Technique TF-60
Application: Coating

Architecture and design: Minimal Studio
Architect: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: Art Sanchez Photography


Architectural wire meshes by Codina - Barber's Club
Architectural wire meshes by Codina - Barber's Club
Barber's Club Mallorca: Architectural wire meshes by Codina
Barber's Club Mallorca: Architectural wire meshes by Codina
Barber's Club Mallorca with wire meshes by Codina
Barber's Club Mallorca with wire meshes by Codina
Architectural wire meshes by Codina
Architectural wire meshes by Codina
Architectural wire meshes by Codina in the Barber's Club, Mallorca
Architectural wire meshes by Codina in the Barber's Club, Mallorca
Barber's Club, Mallorca, with architectural wire meshes
Barber's Club, Mallorca, with architectural wire meshes


Architectural Mesh Eiffel - Roland Garros Metal Mesh

Stadium remodeling of Roland Garros, Paris (France)

Codina has been involved in the Roland-Garros stadium remodeling project, site of the legendary international tennis tournament, with the application of 5000m2 of Eiffel 30150 architectural wire mesh.

In the Roland Garros reconstruction project, the stadium area and the public relations village have been remodeled. The Village's new design has also incorporated the construction of a new administrative building, a stadium key element.

Located halfway between the two central courts, the structure of the building is made up of a set of 6 volumes grouped two by two and located at different heights. The complex is distributed around a central square of 880 m², to which the terraces and windows of the administrative building have direct views.

This architectural distribution reflects the philosophy of coexistence, hospitality and functionality of the old Village. It also provides additional commercial and event spaces. Thus reinforcing its reputation and international appeal.

Architectural Wire Mesh Eiffel 30150

Respecting the traditional quality in the spaces of Roland Garros as well as the same architectural language that mixes the sober volume of the small pavilion, the enameled glass and the stainless steel metal mesh have been applied in the new buildings maintaining architectural and visual coherence.

Codina has actively participated in the project by manufacturing and installing 5000 m2 of Eiffel 30150 metal mesh, a new model that has been specially created for this project.

Project details:

Location: Roland Garros, Paris, France
Application: Coating
Architectural wire mesh model: Eiffel 30150
Fastening technique: TF-30
Surface: 5000m2

Eiffel 30100 architectural wire mesh in Roland Garros
Eiffel 30150 - architectural wire meshes in Roland Garros


Architectural wire meshes - Cladding with Codina's Eiffel 30100 model in Roland Garros
Architectural wire meshes - Cladding with Codina's Eiffel 30150 model in Roland Garros