Codina Architectural Bruchsal Metal Mesh

State firefighting school, Bruchsal (Germany)

The Baden-Württemberg State Fire School in Bruchsal (Germany) is a training center for fire department specialists. More than 6,500 people receive training every year in it.
In 2017 the school was completely renovated. With the project, initiated in 2005, the school's facilities were expanded with the construction of four new buildings, a total area of ​​more than 10,000 m².
The construction of the new buildings was planned with the global objective of encouraging and stimulating coexistence, teamwork and collective learning of school students. Each of the new buildings was assigned specific functionality. Activities were centralized in each of them: Workshop / living rooms, Teaching center / offices or Dining room / leisure center.

Architectural mesh Eiffel 40100

Codina got involved in the school renovation project by manufacturing and installing its architectural meshes. The architectural mesh model chosen was Eiffel 40100 and it was used to cover the facade of the projected buildings.

Specifically, a total of 940 m2 of EIFFEL 40100 were installed together with the TF-60 fastening technique. The Eiffel 40100 is an architectural mesh model delicate and elegant, fully adaptable to all types of projects. On this occasion, it was perfectly integrated into a project focused on the concept of modern and open architecture. A global design that, in short, deliberately differs from the traditional architecture associated with schools or universities.

 architectural mesh model Eiffel 40100 - State firefighting school
The architectural mesh model Eiffel 40100 - State firefighting school


Bruchsal State firefighting school facade with Architectural Meshes by Codina
Bruchsal State firefighting school facade with Architectural Meshes by Codina
Eiffel 40100 architectural mesh model - State firefighting school, Bruchsal
Eiffel 40100 architectural mesh model - State firefighting school, Bruchsal

Codina Architectural Puskas Arena Metal Mesh

Architectural mesh Eiffel 20100 in the Puskás Aréna

Codina has been involved in the construction of the new Puskás Aréna stadium in Budapest with the production and installation of approximately 20,000m2 of stainless steel achitectural wire mesh. The mesh model chosen for the project has been Eiffel 20100.

Codina and the construction of the Puskas Arena Stadium, Budapest.

Codina has manufactured the entire Eiffel 20100 architectural wire mesh of the Puskás Aréna project within six months. Its application has consisted of 229 panels 4m wide and 29m long and weighing almost 100kg each.

The construction of the Puskás Arena stadium began in 2017 and ended in 2019, opening on November 15, 2019 with the football match between the national teams of Hungary and Uruguay.

The stadium has a capacity for 67,889 people for sporting events, with seating for all locations. For other events such as concerts, the stadium capacity reaches 80,000 people.

The architect and project designer has been György Skardelli. The idea of ​​the design for the new stadium was to preserve the distinctive character of the original building, the old Puskás stadium, adapting it to the creation of a modern equipment: both according to the most advanced techniques and, especially, to the strict requirements of FIFA. The main purpose was not to completely erase the image of the old stadium in the Budapest landscape.

This is why the project was inspired by the oval shape of the old stadium and its decorated towers,faithfully maintained as main architectural features. The architectural structure of the entrance to the stadium has also been maintained: it's the only original building that has not been modified, keeping the old brick walls.

The construction of the new Puskás Aréna Stadium puts together the architectural values ​​of the old stadium along with the implementation of the most modern techniques. And Codina has been involved with the manufacture and installation of its architectural meshes providing a perfect integration with the environment and a strong visual impact.


Codina Architectural Fachada del año Metal Mesh

Vuoden Metallijulkisivu - Kalasatama Substation

The Kalasatama Electricity Substation project wins the Vuoden Metallijulkisivu Award (Metal facade of the year 2019)

The architecture studio Virkkunen & Co Archts has won the VUODEN METALLIJULKISIVU (Metal facade of the year 2019) award for the project developed at the Kalasatama Electricity Substation located in Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland. On the facade of this project, the metal mesh of Codina Eiffel 40100 in stainless steel has been installed.

The Kalasatama Electricity Substation is an electrical substation of three rectangular box-shaped buildings surrounded by a wall. The award-winning project incorporates on the one hand the facade cladding of the substation with architectural metal meshes, in this case the Codina's model Codina Eiffel 40100 in stainless steel. On the other hand, the decoration of the wall surrounding the substation is constantly changing, since the project itself incorporates the continued work of several graffiti artists. Thus urban art is integrated into landscape by changing it permanently.

The Vuoden Metallijulkisivu (Metal Facade of the Year) is an award that the metal fabric production industry gives to a Finnish architecture firm. The purpose is to reward a project that takes care of the integration of architectural metal fabrics and meshes in an innovative and sustainable way, taking care of the social environment and respecting the environment. The prize has been awarded for ten years in Sweden and is organized for the first time in Finland. In this case, the Kalasatama Electricity Substation project is truly innovative because of the permanent change in the appearance of the building: through the shadow effects of the metal mesh on the facade and through urban art. It represents change, dialogue and integration.


Codina Architectural Budapest Stadium Metal Mesh

2019 Women's Champions League final: Budapest

The stadium Ferencváros Stadium in Budapest - Groupama Arena stadium - will be hosting the final's UEFA Women's Champions League 2018/19 next Saturday, May 18. The stadium was inaugurated on August 24 with an official match between Ferencváros and Nyíregyháza. The national team of Hungary played there for the first time on September 7, 2014 in the qualifying phase for Euro 2016. vs Northern Ireland.

The final of the UEFA Women's Champions League 2018/19 not only is the first final to be played in Hungary but also the first in the competition's present incarnation to be held in a separate city from the men's final.

  • Quarter-finals: 20/21 & 27/28 March
    • Slavia Praha (CZE) v Bayern München (GER)
      Barcelona (ESP) v LSK Kvinner (NOR)
      Lyon (FRA, holders) v Wolfsburg (GER)
      Chelsea (ENG) v Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
  • Semi-finals: 20/21 & 27/28 April
    • Lyon/Wolfsburg v Chelsea/Paris
      Slavia/Bayern v Barcelona/LSK
    UEFA capacity: 22,122

Codina and the Ferencváros Stadium of Budapest

Codina actively participated in the execution of the new FTC Stadium in Budapest. Codina manufactured approximately 9000m2 of stainless steel mesh as the stadium's cladding. The mesh chosen was Eiffel-40100 model. Special panels suit this particular building geometry. The facade meshes dress the new building with spectacular light effects.

The stadium is a model of avant-garde architecture, a fact largely due to the use of Codina's stainless steel wire meshes as facade cladding. This event will give visibility to an innovative building that is a reference in contemporary architecture.


Codina Architectural Architect at work Barcelona Metal Mesh

Codina Architectural at Architect@Work Barcelona

Codina Architectural at Architect@Work Barcelona

Codina Architectural will be present one more year at the Architect@Work Barcelona Fair. The Fair will take place on March the 13th and 14th, 2019. We invite you to attend the Fair and visit us, we'll be pleased to welcome you at the stand number 96.  Click on "get my invitation" link below, you'll be directed to our special page where you can get your free invitation to Architect@Work Barcelona: Get my invitation

Codina Stand at Architect@Work Barcelona
Codina Stand at Architect@Work Barcelona

Architect@Work Barcelona is a Fair intended exclusively for manufacturers, importers and distributors in the architecture and construction sectors, design, related services or accessories, both for exterior and interior finishes together with technical solutions. Architect@Work Barcelona's aim is to create a space where to make an easier interaction and new relationships between architects, designers, engineers, real estate developers or urban planners.

The Architect@Work Barcelona Fair raises a different and original concept of space. Visitors of the Fair are automatically led along a route that winds its way through small, uniform modules. First contact takes place at the stand. There can also be found special meeting rooms at the Fair and a free catering service.

Architect@Work Barcelona: Activities

Within the framework of the Architect@Work Barcelona Fair, different exhibitions and seminars will be held.

Scheduled seminars on March 13:

• From nature to architecture: 3:00 p.m.
Aryanour Djalali - DNA Arquitectos Estudio
• Luces y sombras, recent work by b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos: 5:00 p.m.
Pablo Garrido - b720 Architects
• Light from inside: 18:00 hours
Discussion table organized by CODIC

Scheduled seminars on March 14:

• Flirting with Light: 3:00 p.m.
Gabriele Schiavon - Lagranja Studio
• Light and public space: 5:00 pm
Enric Batlle - Batlle i Roig Architects

All the information about the Fair can be found at:

Architect@Work Barcelona: Venue

CCIB - Centre de Convencions International de Barcelona
Plaça Willy de Brandt, 11-14
08019 Barcelona

Architect@Work Barcelona: When

Wed 13 and Thu 14, march 2019

From  1 pm to 8 pm

Header image:

Codina Architectural Architect at work Bilbao Metal Mesh

Codina Architectural at Architect@Work Bilbao

Codina Architectural will be present at the next Architect@Work Bilbao Fair that will be held on February 20 and 21, 2019.

Architect@Work Bilbao is a reference fair of international level that exclusively welcomes architects, interior designers, manufacturers and distributors. The Fair will present more than 500 innovative techniques and products whose exhibition will be carried out by exclusive manufacturers and distributors.

Codina will present in Architect @ Work Bilbao its new products in architectural meshes. The architecture sector occupies a very prominent place in the Codina`s production, so we encourage general public and customers to visit us at our stand.

Codina at Architect@Work Bilbao
Codina at Architect@Work Bilbao


Architect@Work Bilbao: a different concept of space

If there is something that particularly characterizes the Architect @ Work Bilbao fair, it is its innovative concept of spaces dedicated to exhibitors and visitors.

The distribution and placement of elements in Architect @ Work Bilbao is different from traditional fairs. The space of the fair is divided into small modular units in which the exhibitors present their novelties in a creative and aesthetic way. The contact between the public and the exhibitors is carried out along a route that surrounds these small modular units, so that the initial contact takes place directly in the stands. In Architect @ Work Bilbao the corridors that we find in other fairs are here rest areas: places to relax and talk about products, applications or services.

The Architect@Work Bilbao fair will also have rooms and a free catering service, which facilitates meetings between professionals.

Architect@Work Bilbao: who is it for?

The Architect @ Work Bilbao fair is exclusively aimed at manufacturers, importers or national distributors of architectural elements. In particular, the sectors covered by the fair are the following:
Exterior finishes: cabinetry, facades and exterior cladding, insulation, water and air tightness, roof construction, load structures, roof coverings, drainage systems and rainwater.
Techniques: Fixed lighting, sanitary, heating, air conditioning, electricity and controls, plumbing, renewable energies.
Interior finishes: Decoration / interior design, interior joinery, floor coverings, wall coverings, partitions and ceilings, paints and adhesives, door fittings
Services, IT and Media
Business organizations and associations.

Architect@Work Bilbao: more information

Date: Feb 20 and 21, 2019

Venue: BEC Bilbao Exhibition Centre
o Pabellón 1
o Azkue Kalea, 1
o 48902 Barakaldo, Bizkaia

Hours: From 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Price: 100 EUR or free in the case of pre-registration through the website with the personal password received from an exhibitor or the organization.

Catering: continuous and free, snacks in the living room and the corridors.

More information


Codina Architectural Bau 2019 Metal Mesh

Bau Munich Fair 2019 - Sector Coverage

Bau Munich Fair 2019: Sector Coverage

The Bau Munich Fair 2019 will be held from January 14 to 19, 2019. Exhibitors will present a wide range of materials and technologies related to architecture and construction. It is one of the most important international fairs and it occupies an area of 200,000m2. The BAU Munich Fair includes exhibitors from the construction and architecture sectors, interior design and decoration as well as technological innovations.

Bau Munich Fair 2019 - Sectors and organization

The Bau Munich Fair 2019 includes exhibitions and exhibitors related to construction, architecture, interior design and decoration materials, techniques and products,

The sectors that have representation in Bau Munich Fair 2019  comprehensively cover any element that might be related to construction, architecture or interior design. We'll find exhibitors  covering a wide range of sectors, including for example lighting -concepts and products of both natural and artificial lighting in cosntruction and architecture-, security measures (including doors, locks or parking systems), or materials (stone, glass or wood). Energy is another sector that will be exhibited at the Bau Munich 2019 Fair, as well as the incidence and use of chemical products in construction or innovations in architectural tools.

Bau Munich Fair: Metals and Architecture

At the Bau Munich Fair 2019 there will some exhibitors presenting their latest developments and innovations regarding the use of metals in architecture and construction. Some of these metals are:

Aluminum: resistant and stable it is often found in profiles of windows or facades. Aluminium new products and solutions will be found at the Bau Munich 2019:
• In profiles / systems
• Machinery
• In Facade systems

Stainless Steel, Zinc and Copper: those metals can be found in urban infrastructures, bridges, high-rise buildings or smart facades. At Bau Munich Fair, will'll find new products about:

• Profile / structural steel systems.
• Facade systems
• Zinc and copper surfaces / systems.

Codina Architectural will be present one more year at Bau Munich Fair 2019, introducing new products and projects. If you want more information about the Bau Munich Fair and about the presence of Codina in it, please contact us through our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Codina Architectural Bau 2019 Metal Mesh

BAU Munich Fair - January 14 to 19, 2019

Codina returns to BAU Munich, the world's leading fair for architecture which will be held from January 14 to 19, 2019.

BAU 2019 Munich, the architecture, materials and systems fair celebrates a new edition in Munich. The BAU Fair in Munich is the largest event in the international construction industry and is aimed at engineers, architects, developers, builders, builders, contractors and industry representatives.

BAU, the leading architectural fair is held every two years

In 2019 BAU Munich will include more space for innovations. For the first time BAU will have more than 200,000 square meters of space (thanks to the construction of the new pavilions C5 and C6). It is the largest BAU since the beginning of the fair in 1964.

Bau Munich 2019 - Useful data

  • Venue: Exhibition Grounds Messe München / ICM - Internationales Congress Center München
    Am Messesee
    81829 München
    Date: January 14-19, 2019
    Hours: Monday-Friday 09: 30-18: 00 and Saturday 09: 30-16: 00

BAU Munich Fair

The Bau München Fair is a global event that allows the confluence of all actors in the world of architecture and construction to exchange ideas and information. Oriented to business, it is an interdisciplinary Fair. In short, it is a platform to do business, establish contacts and share information in which all sectors involved in the planning, construction and execution of works have a place.

The BAU Munchen Fair is a practical and innovative Fair, where the latest products and materials are presented, both for commercial and residential construction and for interior work. With more than 250,000 visitors, an international participation of 27 percent and more than 2,000 exhibitors from 42 countries, it is a leading fair in Europe that meets global standards.

The BAU Munich Fair is a source of inspiration for architects and engineers: 65,000 visitors from all over the world come to Munich to attend BAU. Here, concrete solutions and future-oriented ideas are presented to face global, ecological and social challenges.

For one more year, Codina Architectural will attend BAU München. All the information about the event is available in :


Feria BAU Múnich 14-19 Enero de 2019

Codina vuelve a la feria BAU, que se celebrará dese el 14 de enero hasta el sábado 19 de enero de 2019 en Múnich.

BAU 2019 Munich, la feria de arquitectura, materiales y sistemas celebra una nueva edición en la ciudad alemana de Munich. La Feria BAU de Múnich es el mayor evento en la industria de la construcción internacional y está dirigida a ingenieros, arquitectos, desarrolladores, constructores, constructoras, contratistas y representantes de la industria.

BAU, la feria líder de arquitectura se celebra cada dos años


En 2019 BAU incluirá aún más espacio para innovaciones. Por primera vez BAU dispondrá de más de 200,000 metros cuadrados de espacio (gracias a la construcción de los uevos pabellones C5 y C6). Es el BAU más grande desde los inicios de la feria en 1964.

Feria Bau München 2019 - Datos de utilidad

  • Lugar : Exhibition Grounds Messe München / ICM – Internationales Congress Center München
    Am Messesee
    81829 München
  • Fecha: Enero 14–19, 2019
  • Horario: Lunes–Viernes 09:30–18:00 y Sábado 09:30–16:00

Feria BAU München

La Feria Bau München es un evento de índole mundial que permite la confluencia de todos los actores del mundo de la arquitectura y la construcción para intercambiar ideas e información. Orientada a los negocios, se trata de una Feria interdisciplinar. En definitiva, se trata de una plataforma para hacer negocios, establecer contactos y compartir información en la que tienen cabida todos los sectores involucrados en la planificación, construcción y ejecución de obras.

La Feria BAU Munchen es una Feria práctica e innovadora, en la que se presentan los últimos productos y materiales tanto para la construcción comercial y residencial como en el trabajo de interiores. Con más de 250.000 visitantes, una participación internacional del 27 por ciento y más de 2,000 expositores de 42 países, es una feria líder en Europa que cumple con los estándares mundiales.

La Feria BAU Munich es en defnitiva una fuente de inspiración para arquitectos e ingenieros: 65,000 visitantes de todo el mundo vienen a Múnich para asistir a BAU. Aquí se presentan soluciones concretas e ideas orientadas al futuro para enfrentar los desafíos globales, ecológicos y sociales.

Un año más Codina Arquitectura volverá a estar presente en la Feria BAU München 2019. Toda la información en:

Codina Architectural Habitare Metal Mesh

Habitare Pro Furniture Fair 2018

Codina in Habitare Pro Furniture Fair

Habitare Pro is a furniture, interior design and design trade fair for professionals and the public in Helsinki. Many international exhibitors present here the latest trends, shapes and colors. In addition to hundreds of top-class exhibitors at the fair offers interesting exhibitions and special stands on many different topics of the range furniture, interior decoration and design.



Codina will attend the fair with his partner in Finland, Sinea Oy

The Habitare Pro Furniture Fair will take place on 5 days from Wednesday, 12. September to Sunday, 16. September 2018 in Helsinki.


Opening hours:
wednesday, 12.09.2018 from 12:00 a 20:00 h
thursday, 13.09.2018 from 10:00 a 19:00 h
friday, 14.09.2018 from 10:00 a 19:00 h
saturday, 15.09.2018 from 10:00 a 18:00 h
sunday, 16.09.2018 from 10:00 a 18:00 h

The Finnish Fair Corporation
Messuaukio 1, PL 21
00521 Helsinki, Finlandia
Mostrar email


professional visitors and general public

12.09.2018 - 16.09.2018
wednesday - sunday, 5 days