Architectural Mesh Models

Our architectural metal meshes are made of copper, brass, aluminum or stainless steel. They can be given multiple finishes and different shades so that they can be adapted to any type of project. You can find our metal mesh models on this page, ordered by model name.

Our main ranges are categorised into metal meshes made up of spirals joined by rods, rhombus-shaped spirals or woven meshes. Metal mesh constructed with spirals allows for greater flexibility. All of the Eiffel, Coderch, Torroja, Mies, Paxton, Sterling or Candela metal mesh models have this design. Woven wire meshes have a high interior and exterior design value. They are often chosen for indoor and outdoor projects as interior dividers or decorative elements Gropius, Corbusier, Breuer or Jacobsen meshes are examples of this type of mesh. Finally, we have the metal mesh commonly known as rhombus or single twist mesh, which is normally used for the construction of fencing or urban elements, for example. All the proposals under the name Gaudí feature these characteristics.

In addition to the design of the metal meshes, and the material with which they are manufactured, the final finish and the colour applied to them are just as important. Codina Architectural offers different types of finishes depending on the material with which it is manufactured. Depending on whether they are made of copper, aluminium or stainless steel, you can choose between blasted, satin, painted, anodised or lacquered, among others. They can also be supplied painted according to the needs of each interior and exterior project. Taking all these variables into account, the architectural metal meshes will succeed in providing a great aesthetic design value to the building or project where they are installed.

In the event that you cannot find the metal mesh you need, you can contact our technical team so that they can respond to your needs.

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