Incredible city views captured in a 360º photo

Providing us with a new and striking perspective of our cities, aerial photography is a product which has become ever more prolific in recent times since the emergence of drone technology. The most recent development in this trend is that of 360º imaging.

The technique which makes capturing shots such as these possible is called stereographic projection, where the subject of the photo is not seen as a flat area due to the loss of the projection point.

These images allow us to see the architecture of the buildings that make up the cities from a unique perspective. Spherical 360º photographs are a great way to show a city, the inside of a hotel, an apartment or any space worthy of being viewed from all angles.

This has become a widely used resource in recent times, particularly on websites that offer online tours. It is also an excellent application for construction companies, real estate companies and agents who not only use the images on their websites but also on other media such as screens in showrooms, sales staff tablets and company computers. Thus, companies have seen the potential for increased business by being able to offer a virtual tour of all their projects from a single location – an essential element in the technological age.

These high-resolution images give us the opportunity to travel around the world and discover, in detail, the architectural wonders of different countries. A very useful tool for all lovers of architecture.

The photo shown here is a shot of São Paulo with the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge in the foreground, which was designed by architect João Valente Filho and is famous for being the only bridge in the world with two curved tracks that converge at a single central mast. The perspective obtained through 360º imaging results in a truly spectacular photo.

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