Tapa Tapa ristorante – Barcellona, ​​Spagna

Captivating ambiance of Tapa Tapa BCN, where the Gaudí R stainless steel metal mesh adorns the ceiling, creating a uniquely decorative feature. This innovative application of metal mesh ceilings not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant but also contributes to a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. With its durable and modern design, the metal mesh ceiling from Codina Architectural adds a touch of contemporary flair to the space, elevating the overall architectural concept. Experience the seamless integration of functionality and style with Codina's customizable wire mesh designs.


Rete architettonica per soffitti di ristoranti

L'installazione del Gaudì R acciaio inossidabile la rete metallica, insieme all'illuminazione adeguata, rende l'alto soffitto del ristorante uno spazio più accogliente.