Cinematheque of Catalonia - Barcelona, Spain

Architectural Mesh for cladding:

Filmoteca de Catalunya is located in the district of El Raval in Barcelona. The concrete building designed by Josep Lluís Mateo includes a basement section where the cinema screens are located and an adaptable space spread over. In order to help the natural light enter and make the attached space appear larger, windows have been added to the various façades as well as the roof. In one of the windows, a bespoke stainless steel screen created from round wires and painted white, as can be found with the MIES R, TORROJA R, CODERCH R and EIFFEL R models, has been added to give the building’s occupants some privacy as well as filtering the natural light.

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Architect: Josep Lluís Mateo (MAP-arquitectes).
Application: Claddings.
Metal Mesh Model: Combination of MIES R, TORROJA R, CODERCH and EIFFEL R.
Fastening technique: TF-60
Photo: Filmoteca de Catalunya / Codina.

Project meshes models:

Project fastening technique: