7 Collides Residential Building - Besançon, France

Architectural Mesh for banisters:

Codina’s metal screens can be used as mobile or fixed panels for solar protection on balconies and terraces. They were used in the “7 Collines” residential complex in Besançon (France) for this purpose as part of a project commissioned by the JAA Architectes studio and installed in partnership with our French distributor @maillemetaldesign. Some panels made from stainless steel CODERCH mesh were added to the terraces to control the amount of sunlight beating down on the properties. This easy-to-maintain construction element adds aesthetics to the building’s façade, without cluttering it.

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Location: Besançon (France).
Architectural Mesh Model: Coderch.
Application: Banisters.
Architects: JAA Architectes

Project Meshes Models: