Hanasaari Cultural Centre – Espoo (Finland)

Architectural mesh model for cladding

Hanasaari is an enchanting place in the midst of the archipelago, close to the Helsinki city centre. The Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre promotes and develops interaction between Finland and Sweden, as well as co-operation in all areas of society.

Hanasaari’s home is a modern well-maintained building, amply decorated with modern Finnish and Swedish art. The Hanasaari cultural centre was inaugurated on 1 June 1975 by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and President Urho Kekkonen of Finland. The building was designed by architect Veikko Malmio, and its original interior decorations by Professor Yrjö Sotamaa.

Now Hanasaari Cultural Centre is having a renovation and expansion by Kirsi Korhonen and Mika Penttinen Architects who are using Codina wire meshes to improve it.

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Location: Espoo, Finlandia
Architectural Mesh Model: MIES R
Application: Cladding
Fixing technique: TF-60
Architects: Kirsi Korhonen and Mika Penttinen Architects

Project Mesh Model

Project fastening technique