Facade of the Hospital Dr. José de Almeida – Cascais, Portugal

Architectural mesh for staircases

The Hospital Dr. José de Almeida, in Cascais, Portugal, works under a public-private partnership, serving the population of the municipality of Cascais and eight parishes of the municipality of Sintra. Opened in 2010, the 45,863 m2 building has a capacity of 277 beds, 33 consultations, 6 operating rooms and 10 delivery rooms.

The facade of the hospital has the architectural metal mesh made of stainless steel Da Vinci C, which is applied as an enclosure element of the openings where the exterior emergency staircases are installed.

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Location: Cascais, Portugal
Application: staircases
Architectural mesh model: Da Vinci C
Fixing technique: special
Photos: Hospital Dr. José de Almeida

Mesh model