Hotel Radisson Blu Bordeaux - Bordeaux, France

Architectural Mesh for cladding

A new Codina Architectural project at the Hotel Radisson Blu Bordeaux. Within the Dock G6 project in Bordeaux, planned for the district around the city’s wet docks and the redevelopment of Bordeaux’s industrial docklands, the King Kong architecture studio has designed a large trapezoidal building that houses the Blu Radisson Hotel, a wellness center, conference center and a raised parking on top that offers exceptional views of the surrounding urban landscape.

The Blu Radisson Hotel has been designed with glazed facades that give it a shiny and translucent appearance during the day. At night, the projection of the hotel room lights on the outer metal meshes, enhances the light effect of each facade. For the project 1600 m2 of metal mesh of Codina were used. The models chosen were Eiffel 20150 and Eiffel 40150 in bronze anodized aluminum finish.

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Location: Bordeaux (France)
Application: Cladding
Architectural mesh models: EIFFEL 20150 and EIFFEL 40150
Material: Aluminium
Finishing: Anodized shiny bronze
Free surface: 36%/61%
Fastening technique: TF-60

Project Mesh Model:

Project Mesh Model:

Project fastening technique: