Hotel Radisson Blu Bordeaux – Burdeaux, France

Codina Architectural Hotel Radisson Bordeaux Metal Mesh


Architectural mesh for facade

Within the Dock G6 project in Bordeaux, planned for the reconstruction of the industrial docks and surrounding districts in the French city, the King Kong architecture studio has designed a large building with a trapezoidal plan that houses the Radisson Blu Hotel, a wellness centre, a conference centre, a floating car park and a sports court at the top with excellent views of its surroundings.

The transparency offered by the glass facades and the use of a metal mesh enclosure allow the creation of different light filters, meaning that the rooms are filtered by day, whilst at night the lights in the rooms will add depth to the façade. For this project, 1,600 m2 of metal mesh were used with the Eiffel 20150 and Eiffel 40150 models in a bronze anodised aluminum finish.