Icade Ilot Kurvau-Route du Rhin – Strasbourg (France)

Architectural Mesh for cladding

Icade Îlot Kurvau by AEAArchitects, in Strasbourg, France, is a housing and office complex close to the River Rhine with a constructed area of ​​over 12,000m2. The AEA Architects studio approached the different facades at an almost random rhythm, playing with the volumes and reflecting the different uses of each of the building blocks, one of the enclosures was covered with the Eiffel 40100 stainless steel architectural mesh.

This mesh model provides an open space of 59% and is made of laminated loops on the right and left, joined together by a wavy or straight rod, resulting in a dynamic facade with unique visual effects.

The complex has won various awards such as the 2014 Pyramides d’Argent residential architecture award and holds the RT 2012 environmental certification – H&E label.

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Location: Strasbourg, France
Architectural Mesh Model: EIFFEL 40100
Application: Cladding
Fixing technique: TF-60
Architects: AEA Architects

Project Mesh Model

Project fastening technique