Icade Ilot Kurvau-Route du Rhin – Strasbourg (France)

Architectural Mesh for cladding

A residential and office complex in the vicinity of the River Rhine whose cladding has been made by Codina with the Eiffel 40100 stainless steel model that meets the demands of the environment and that differentiates the residential and office area in an elegant and practical way.

This mesh model provides an open space of 59%. Codina’s Eiffel series, manufactured from left and right laminated turns joined together by a wavy or straight rod, allows combining different densities within the same panel, providing transparency to the project and achieving dynamic facades with very interesting visual effects.

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Location: Strasbourg, France
Architectural Mesh Model: EIFFEL 40100
Application: Cladding
Fixing technique: TF-60
Architects: AEA Architects

Project Mesh Model

Project fastening technique