The Le Silo car park - Nice, France

Architectural Mesh for enclosure

This car park is located in the new area under development known as Nice Méridia in Nice (France). It is a highly attractive neighbourhood for public and private companies alike that are devoted to research, development and training in sustainability and healthcare. Its growth makes the creation of infastructures that will allow for electric vehicles to be charged or bike parking necessary.

The 6-storey building designed by Agence VBI has the capacity for 499 vehicles, amongst which are electric cars, and a 196-m2 area intended for bikes. On the roof are photovoltaic panels that allow the building to manage its own energy.

The functionality of the car park contrasts with the design of the southern wave-shaped façade, which can play with different light effects throughout the day and night whilst acting as a camouflage for the vehicles. This enclosure was created with a stainless steel metal mesh attached to a second structure. The model chosen was the EIFFEL 4050 metal mesh with the T-60 attachment system. The other façades are also finished with Codina’s solution, but are straight instead.

This project was carried out in collaboration with Maille Metal Design.

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Location: Nice, France
Architectural Mesh Model: EIFFEL 4050
Application: enclosure
Fixing technique: TF-60
Architects: Agence VBI
Construction: Artea
Photo: Agence VBI

Project Mesh Models:

Fastening technique: