Metal claddings

The metal claddings convey a very avant-garde industrial cladding aesthetic, and are ideal for different types of interior and exterior spaces that want both to break with the conventional and to achieve an industrial, technological or retro aesthetic.

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Metal wall claddings

In the following projects, you can see some different metal cladding  process followed depending on every specific metal cladding profiles.

Exterior wall metal claddings

The Codina Architectural metal meshes, thanks to their versatility and stability, are an excellent solution for cladding facades, covering walls and furniture, but also other types of equipment such as covering elevators.When the cladding is used on facades, a functional and practical decorative solution is obtained as it is highly resistant, especially in buildings that have high traffic areas or are exposed to inclement weather.

Metal claddings are a perfect option if you are looking for exterior facade claddings since the metals we work at Codina have anti-rust treatments, are resistant and made of interwoven mesh without welds or weak points.

Interior wall metal claddings

Its use as cladding in interior architecture is also usually functional. For example, it is an ideal option to hide and at the same time protect the facilities, and depending on the project requirements, the metal mesh could be adjusted to complement the unsightly systems of ventilation. In addition, interior wall coverings with metal meshes can provide an aesthetic of industrial coverings or even convey elegance and status in places such as hotels, museums, buildings offices and restaurants.

Metal claddings to cover furniture and elevators

If you choose metal mesh for covering furniture, they gain in elegance and durability. The metal mesh fits and adapts to the shape of any surface and can be combined with any material.One of the most unusual places where metal mesh acquires a special role is when it is used for lining inside elevators. To this is added that it is a light material, and with a flat, soft and textured appearance.

A combination of durability and designThe use of metal mesh for cladding allows the creation of spaces with a superior design, while providing other benefits such as durability, easy maintenance and cleaning.


Aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass coatings.

Codina Architectural’s architectural meshes for metal cladding are manufactured in copper, brass, aluminium or we also manufacture stainless steel cladding strong>. They admit multiple different finishes and shades so that it can be adapted to any type of project, facilitating the fact that architects and builders can define the precise drawing of the solution they need to install.


Custom metal claddings for architects and builders

Finally, being a product that is made to measure, it facilitates the fact that architects and builders can define and precisely draw the solution that they need to install in their project. Even when you have to cover several interior plants at the same time. Likewise, since it can be painted and applied to different types of finishes, the design possibilities are almost endless. What’s more, even the type of shape and size of the spiral will also contribute to creating surprising or subtle filters and effects. in the environment where they are installed.