Separating areas using metal mesh without the need for walls enables the creation of different spaces, defining and distributing itineraries and transit without preventing light, sound and air from passing through. And it does all this without becoming a visual architectural barrier, maintaining the feeling of spaciousness, visual depth and flexibility of the indoor space.

The use of metal mesh for partitions in indoor spaces is a functional design solution that creates a unique visual effect. This is because, depending on the model chosen, the mesh can be installed fixed to the ceiling or floor, using guides that turn it into a curtain or incorporated into metal profiles or furniture. 

In addition to this, metal mesh can be tailor-made and customised to become part of the design of the space and an additional interior decoration element. The design possibilities are almost endless since it can be painted and different types of finish can be applied. Moreover, even the shape and size of the spiral will help create surprising or subtle effects in the area where it is installed.

Architectural mesh for partitions by Codina Architectural is made of copper, aluminium, brass or stainless steel. It is available in various finishes and shades to suit any type of project and enables architects, interior designers and builders to accurately define and draw the solution to be installed.