Bau Munich Fair 2019 – Sector Coverage

Bau Munich Fair 2019: Sector Coverage

Der Bau Munich Fair 2019 will be held from January 14 to 19, 2019. Exhibitors will present a wide range of materials and technologies related to architecture and construction. It is one of the most important international fairs and it occupies an area of 200,000m2. The BAU Munich Fair includes exhibitors from the construction and architecture sectors, interior design and decoration as well as technological innovations.

Bau Munich Fair 2019 – Sectors and organization

Der Bau Munich Fair 2019 includes exhibitions and exhibitors related to construction, architecture, interior design and decoration materials, techniques and products,

The sectors that have representation in Bau Munich Fair 2019  comprehensively cover any element that might be related to construction, architecture or interior design. We’ll find exhibitors  covering a wide range of sectors, including for example lighting -concepts and products of both natural and artificial lighting in cosntruction and architecture-, security measures (including doors, locks or parking systems), or materials (stone, glass or wood). Energy is another sector that will be exhibited at the Bau Munich 2019 Fair, as well as the incidence and use of chemical products in construction or innovations in architectural tools.

Bau Munich Fair: Metals and Architecture

At the Bau Munich Fair 2019 there will some exhibitors presenting their latest developments and innovations regarding the use of metals in architecture and construction. Some of these metals are:

Aluminum: resistant and stable it is often found in profiles of windows or facades. Aluminium new products and solutions will be found at the Bau Munich 2019:
• In profiles / systems
• Machinery
• In Facade systems

Stainless Steel, Zinc and Copper: those metals can be found in urban infrastructures, bridges, high-rise buildings or smart facades. At Bau Munich Fair, will’ll find new products about:

• Profile / structural steel systems.
• Facade systems
• Zinc and copper surfaces / systems.

Codina Architectural will be present one more year at Bau Munich Fair 2019, introducing new products and projects. If you want more information about the Bau Munich Fair and about the presence of Codina in it, please contact us through our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



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