From crane to luxury venue


There is currently a clear trend for reuse, recycling and, above all, transformation. Providing a completely new lease of life for an object, material or thing that is now obsolete in terms of the task for which it was originally created.
There are a great number of architects and designers opting to look at architecture from a different perspective; one that is more functional and respectful of the environment.

Many examples exist of areas previously designed for one use which have now been redeveloped as modern, remodelled architectural gems. Such is the case of an industrial crane located in the port of Copenhagen, which, courtesy of a project by architecture studio Arcgency, has been converted into a luxury retreat to be enjoyed to the full.
The setting for this unique construction, which years ago was used for loading and unloading shipping cargo, is an industrial port area in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

The Krane project was commissioned by the Arcgency studio, with a view to maintaining the essence and purity of the crane from the outside and forming a contrast with the luxury and modernity of the interior, where you can find everything from a spa, meeting room and bedrooms to a number of terraces.
Black prevails throughout as a reflection of its link to the industrial sector, also adding a stylish air to the interiors and creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Numerous different shades of black can be observed throughout the building, however, with many subtle nuances depending on the time of day.

The remodelled crane includes a reception area on the first floor, leading up to the meeting room on the second floor, with its large window which offers stunning views. The third floor takes us up to the spa area with its generous windows, two bathrooms, shower and terrace. Finally, the top floor is used as a private retreat; a 50-square-metre space housing a living room, double bedroom, bathroom and dining area.
The interior design showcases the use of high-quality wood, stone, leather and steel. All the furniture is custom-made and handcrafted in homage to Denmark’s expertise in craftsmanship.



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