Primer plano del modelo de malla DaVinci FC

DaVinci FC

El modelo Da Vinci FC es un diseño de cable tejido que combina varillas rectas y varillas pre-onduladas. El modelo está hecho principalmente en acero inoxidable, pero hay otras combinaciones disponibles.

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Imagen de portada del modelo Aalto Mesh de Codina Architectural. Un patrón de alambre tejido diseñado con cuatro cables y una varilla, ideal para fachadas, barandillas y aplicaciones diversas. Fabricado principalmente en acero inoxidable, con otras combinaciones disponibles.


Discover the Aalto model by Codina Architectural, a stunning architectural metal mesh designed to elevate any project. With a woven wire pattern featuring four cables and one rod, the Aalto model is perfect for facades, banisters, and a variety of other applications. Crafted primarily from stainless steel, Codina Architectural offers multiple material finishes and color shades, ensuring the Aalto model can seamlessly integrate into any architectural design.

Featuring an open area of 53.3% and a maximum width of 4 meters, the Aalto model provides versatility and durability for various architectural projects. The stainless steel construction, weighing 5.6 kg/m2, offers both strength and aesthetic appeal.

Start your architectural journey with Codina Architectural’s Aalto model, an exemplary solution for projects ranging from interiors to exteriors. Explore the endless possibilities of architectural mesh with Codina Architectural today!

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