MIES R wire mesh, now in brass

Brass, due to its golden colour, is usually used to manufacture decorative elements and accessories for doors and windows. Codina Architectural now manufactures its MIES R metal mesh model in this material.

Formed from an alloy of copper and zinc, brass, if not waxed or lacquered, tends to react to environmental conditions and develops a patina of brown or greenish-grey tones, which some designers value highly. This unique finish, when applied to the MIES R model, with a small size of spiral, produces a versatile metal mesh that can be adapted to any type of project. MIES R can be used as a curtain or separating panel in interior projects.

Along with brass’s decorative and flexible properties, it is the most fully and effectively recyclable of all industrial alloys and has the added benefit of being bacteriostatic.

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