Refurbishing a water tank with metal mesh by Codina Architectural

Refurbishing and adding character to buildings with a harsh or trivial appearance can be achieved with the installation of new cladding. Codina Architectural metal meshes are a great option due to their lightness, speed of installation and unique aesthetic result. This was the case with the water tower built in the 50s in the Swedish town of Västervik.


Codina Architectural Water Tower Metal Mesh
Vattentornet Västervik, SWECO

Water towers or tanks are large containers whose purpose is to store large amounts of water that can then be used for firefighting or industrial purposes. They are needed to be built when there are no natural elevations of the land, and their shape, size and selected construction materials are sometimes defined by the public entities in the place where they are located, while others are defined by architects, which means that we can find a wide variety of designs of these towers around the world. The most common designs to find are plain constructions, with strong, concrete walls. This was what the water tower in the Swedish city of Västervik was like, a building from the 1950s that is located at the entrance to the city and that needed a rehabilitation. In addition to improving the condition of the infrastructure and the operation of the tank, the Sweco architecture studio gave it a new, more contemporary aesthetic appearance. To do so, they created a new skin with 900 m2 of Eiffel 40100 metal mesh by Codina Architectural. In total, 16 separate pieces of up to 16 metres in length were installed with the TF-30 fastening system. The mesh extends in a zigzag manner over the mass of concrete. An exterior architectural lighting system was added to this lightweight cladding that projects a play of colourful lights at night.

Location: Västervik (Sweden).
Architect: Sweco Stockholm.
Installer: Artmesh.
Architectural Mesh model: EIFFEL 40100 stainless steel metal mesh.
Fastening System: TF-30.
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman.

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