Talent rewarded

Talent rewarded

The IE School of Architecture and Design has created the IE Spaces for Innovation Prize, an event aimed at young people all over the world with a common interest: architecture.

The idea behind the prize is to attract and recognize the talent of young professionals, offering them full-time salaried internships with a world-renowned company.

To take part, applicants must present a digital collage to display their ideas and thoughts on the future of companies, shops and schools, presenting how they believe these spaces should evolve to best adapt to our daily lives and, at the same time, to technology which never stops growing.

Under the competition rules all interested parties could register free of charge for a chance to win the prize up until 2 November.

With registration now closed, and with 28 teams registered, it now only remains for the jury to decide which project deserves to win.

The IE Spaces for Innovation Prize confers the following awards on the first, second and third placed teams:

Admission onto the IE master’s course, Master in Design for Work, Retail and Learning Environments for the academic year 2016-17 + Scholarship grant valued at €7,250 to subtract from the cost of master’s programmes + Professional salaried internship, full-time for six months at Inditex, Legorreta + Legorreta or Idom UK.

Honourable Mentions

Five Honourable Mentions will be awarded, each comprising:
Accredited Diploma + Registration fees for the IE master’s course, Master in Design for Work, Retail and Learning Environments for the academic year 2016-17.


Source: arquideas.net

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