Stadium remodeling of Roland Garros, Paris (France)

Codina has been involved in the Roland-Garros stadium remodeling project, site of the legendary international tennis tournament, with the application of 5000m2 of Eiffel 30150 architectural wire mesh.

In the Roland Garros reconstruction project, the stadium area and the public relations village have been remodeled. The Village’s new design has also incorporated the construction of a new administrative building, a stadium key element.

Located halfway between the two central courts, the structure of the building is made up of a set of 6 volumes grouped two by two and located at different heights. The complex is distributed around a central square of 880 m², to which the terraces and windows of the administrative building have direct views.

This architectural distribution reflects the philosophy of coexistence, hospitality and functionality of the old Village. It also provides additional commercial and event spaces. Thus reinforcing its reputation and international appeal.

Architectural Wire Mesh Eiffel 30150

Respecting the traditional quality in the spaces of Roland Garros as well as the same architectural language that mixes the sober volume of the small pavilion, the enameled glass and the stainless steel metal mesh have been applied in the new buildings maintaining architectural and visual coherence.

Codina has actively participated in the project by manufacturing and installing 5000 m2 of Eiffel 30150 metal mesh, a new model that has been specially created for this project.

Project details:

Location: Roland Garros, Paris, France
Application: Coating
Architectural wire mesh model: Eiffel 30150
Fastening technique: TF-30
Surface: 5000m2

Eiffel 30100 architectural wire mesh in Roland Garros
Eiffel 30100 architectural wire mesh in Roland Garros
Codina Architectural Roland Garros Metal Mesh
Architectural wire meshes – Cladding with Codina’s Eiffel 30150 model in Roland Garros



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