Copper metal meshes for facades

Copper metal meshes for facades

Codina metal meshes that can be used in interior spaces, but particularly in exterior facades, are now also manufactured in copper. With this new finish, designers and planners will be able to create elegant surroundings that blend perfectly into the landscape and urban settings. In addition, as this is a 100% recyclable material at the end of its useful life, they can use an architectural solution that will help to reduce the environmental impact of their projects.

Copper is a material that provides excellent resistance to corrosion while at the same time delivering a modern and elegant design in both interior and exterior spaces. Given the quality of this material and its potential uses, Codina has decided to extend the range of metal mesh solutions to include the option of having them manufactured in copper.

Constructeur de marché

One of the first buildings where this new model of copper metal enclosure has been installed is in the new offices of the Market Építő construction company in Budapest, Hungary. The new company headquarters occupy 5,500 square metres. The building is constructed mostly from glass, with a large natural copper metal mesh of 1630 m2 built with the EIFFEL 40100 modèle de Codina Architectural. La solution de façade crée non seulement une finition esthétiquement attrayante vue de l'extérieur, mais elle contribue également à filtrer la lumière directe du soleil, offrant ainsi un confort aux utilisateurs des installations.

Some of the benefits of copper in architecture are resistance to corrosion and great durability, even in coastal or industrial areas. It does not require any maintenance or cleaning. Copper is also a 100% recyclable material. In fact, studies conducted by the European Copper Institute have found that copper is a material that, during its production, handling, use and at the end of its useful life, complies with the European regulatory framework to generate the least impact on the environment and on people’s health.


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