Our architectural metal meshes in copper, aluminium or stainless steel can be installed in different types of projects. In this section, you can find our references, organised by type of solution: Coatings, fencing, stairs, partitions, ceilings, metal curtains and railings.

Firstly, metal meshes can be a covering for interior walls or for exterior façades, recreating a volume or shape proposed within the scope of the project, or accentuating the architecture of the place. As an enclosure, architectural metal meshes manage to create a unique envelope in the buildings where they are installed. It can be purely an element of design or it can provide a solar protection or safety solution. Also, on stairways, Codina meshes can fill in the gaps that provide design and safety to the space where they are installed.

As an interior dividing element, metal meshes can help to demarcate interior spaces, such as offices or commercial spaces. Depending on the model chosen, the transparency can be adjusted. Ceilings can be created with metal meshes in some projects with great interior impact. Metal curtains are becoming a highly impactful interior design feature, especially in open-plan spaces that need to demarcate areas by type of user or to create an interior style or route. Codina metal meshes can be installed as fixed or sliding panels according to the needs of the project.

And finally, as with stairs, the railings installed in residential buildings or buildings for public use can be filled with metal mesh to provide safety and protection.

Our metal meshes can be found in public and private buildings – intended for commercial or corporate use, in train stations and airports, in sports facilities such as stadiums, or in unique hotels. Our products can also be located in indoor commercial spaces, as protective urban features, such as perimeter fencing, in urban furniture or as an additional safety feature on the terraces and balconies of residential buildings.

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