3 works of art with wire mesh by Codina Architectural

Art: a way of expressing beauty or your feelings for something or someone in physical form. It can be used to express your thoughts in many different media (sculpture, writing and architecture are a couple of examples), and even to identify cultures. On the occasion of World Art Day, we wanted to share some works of art with you in which Codina’s wire mesh plays a key role in giving the piece a singular touch (Tapies’ “Sock” is one example).

The following three examples show how our wire mesh helps to communicate the idea that the artist wishes to convey.

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Tube Sculpture in Barcelona

The first of the three works of art featuring wire mesh can be found in the Catalan capital.

Codina Architectural’s wire mesh has been used to create this sculpture which consists of several tubes, and which features as a decorative piece in a building in Barcelona. The great versatility of the wire mesh allows multiple shapes to be created and means it can meet the aesthetic needs required for each type of sculpture, making it an ideal material for this type of artwork.

Dia del Arte Escultura Dia del arte escultura

The “Sock”, from the Antoni Tapies Foundation

Of the three creators of the artworks we wish to highlight, Antoni Tapies is possibly the most famous.

He designed this “Sock” to be exhibited at the National Art Museum of Catalunya in 1991 to coincide with the Olympic Games. It generated such controversy that it was put on hold, but with the reopening of his Foundation, the idea was revived. Constructed in Pere Casanovas’ workshop in Mataró (Barcelona), it can now be found at the in Barcelona.

The artwork features Codina wire mesh which was painted white to give it the typical knitted shape of a sock.

Dia del Arte Fundacio Antoni Tapies

Walls of the Paris Exhibition Hall

To conclude this tour of works of art featuring our wire mesh, we have to go to France.

The walls of this exhibition hall in Paris have been covered with Gaudí F wire mesh. It lends the space a unique aesthetic and gives it an avant-garde and modern feel, thus breaking with the conventional design of museum exhibition halls that you can see in any city.

Dia del Arte Exposicion en Paris Dia del arte exposicion paris

Wire mesh and art: A practical union

Wire mesh is used by artists to help them to communicate the idea that they wish to convey. Its effectiveness and efficiency is achieved by choosing the right wire mesh and applying it taking into account every detail that will surround it and, obviously, after having thought carefully about what you are going to use it for.

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