Expo 2015 showcases the best in world architecture in Milan

Expo 2015 opened its doors to the public in its host city of Milan on 1 May. The slogan of this year’s Expo is ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, and it will be examining the universal theme of nutrition from multiple points of view: environmental, historical, cultural, anthropological, medical, technological and economic.

Expo 2015 runs until 31 October and will provide a focus for global debate, reflection and policy initiatives on nutrition and sustainability.

For the six months of the exhibition, Milan will be a global showcase for participating nations to unveil the technologies and solutions they have developed in their endeavours to provide a concrete response to one of today’s most pressing issues: how to guarantee safe, healthy and plentiful nutrition for the world’s population without upsetting the planet’s natural balance.

A total of 145 participant nations from every continent will be presenting their innovative solutions to the greatest a problem of our age: how to lay the foundations for a sustainable future. Each nation looks to its own culture in its attempts to address this issue. Visitors to the Expo will therefore have the chance to enjoy some of the finest foods in the world and discover the agricultural and gastronomic traditions of each nation in spectacular settings that represent the very best in global architecture.

Each of the pavilions which comprise Milan’s Expo 2015 stands out for the originality of its structure and its ability to ‘transport’ visitors to the country it represents. This event is one of the biggest architectural exhibitions in the world, with each participant country displaying its architectural innovations on the central concept of ‘Feeding the Planet’.

Visit the Milan Expo 2015 website at www.expo2015.org