Depending on the finish and material chosen, different color options are available. We have a wide range of colors so that you can customize your wire mesh according to the needs of each project. Below you will be able to see the different color options available:

RAL Colors

RAL colors are colors standardized by a code that defines exactly one color indicated in the palette of 213 colors. We can paint your Codina wire mesh in any RAL color of your choice. You can know more about RAL colors here.

Explore the custom color options available for Torroja F architectural mesh. With our ability to paint Codina wire mesh in any RAL color of your choice, you can create a truly unique and tailored look for your project.


In case the RAL colors do not fit your needs, there is the possibility to choose a custom color that complies, for example, with your brand manual or a more specific color of your choice.

Anodized Colors

From anodization, it is possible to obtain greater protection against corrosion. It also favors resistance to surface abrasion. Another benefit of this process is that it enables to generate coloration in the metal. This has the particularity that, unlike other types of dyes and paints for metal, the color that is achieved by anodization is much more durable.

There are 7 colors available and can be used for interiors and exteriors. Other colors on request.


Dark Bronze





Steel Bronze