Copper Mesh

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Copper is a material widely used in industry due to its numerous properties: high resistance to corrosion, ability to withstand extreme temperature changes, high malleability and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. In architecture and design, it has numerous applications; combining almost naturally with other materials such as wood, brick and glass, it provides a modern and elegant design in both interior and exterior spaces.

Copper metal meshes will oxidize in the presence of air, moisture and even natural skin oils. Natural color change occurs quickly depending on environmental conditions and exposure time. But in general, in any atmospheric exposure – presence of oxygen, salt, moisture and sunlight – copper will turn from bright shades to brown tones, then to gray and finally to a blue-green or grayish-green patina.

As a 100% recyclable material, copper can be reused over and over again without losing its physical properties. In fact, studies carried out by the European Copper Institute show that copper is a material that, during its production, handling, use and at the end of its useful life, complies with the European regulatory framework to generate the least impact on the environment and people’s health. In this sense, it is the most sustainable metal used in construction, above steel, aluminum and zinc.

There are three possible finishes for copper: Natural, lacquered or textured.

Available models with Copper Mesh