Jacobsen 612

The JACOBSEN 612 model is characterized by its elegance. The design of this mesh is based on a woven combination between flat and round yarns. This model is an ideal option for interior coatings. Codina Architectural produces several material finishes and color shades for this model, allowing the model to adapt to any project requirement.







Stainless steel 14.86 kg/m2 | Aluminum 6.66 kg/m2 | Copper 16.64 kg/m2 | Brass 15,89 kg/m2

* Larger widths available on request


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Adorned with elegant golden accents, a hallway featuring rich wooden flooring and a sleek glass door leads to a sophisticated kitchen area. The luxurious ambiance is heightened by meticulously crafted cabinets and countertops, exuding opulence and refinement. At the heart of this stylish space lies a closet clad in the intricate metal mesh of Jacobsen 612 by Codina Architectural, a modern architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends style and functionality. This striking addition not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings but also adds a sense of sophistication and charm to the entire interior, epitomizing elegant interior design.

Closet clad with Jacobsen 612 mesh, Spain

Transform your entrance space with a unique architectural feature: a closet clad in Jacobsen 612 mesh, finished in gold anodized aluminum. Located in Spain, this innovative interior design application not only enhances organization but also serves as a captivating conversation piece.