Insitu Restaurant&Lounge, Igualada (Spain) 

Architectural Mesh for cladding and partitions

The Insitu Restaurant & Lounge, located in Igualada, seeks to offer a creative cooking experience through its interior decoration. For this reason, different metallic decorations were used that portray innovation and professionalism. To visually divide the space, without limiting the depth of the room, the Coderch mesh was installed at the entrance, fixed at the top and bottom by the TF-60 fixing system, and the front of the bar was covered with the Jacobsen 612 wire mesh model painted in a copper-like colour.

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Location: Igualada, Barcelona (España)
Architectural Mesh Model: Coderch and Jacobsen 612.
Application: Cladding and Partitions.
Fixing technique: TF-60.
Photo: Codina Architectural.

Project Mesh Model:

Project Mesh Model:

Fastening technique: