Brass Mesh



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Brass is an alloy that is composed of copper and zinc. It has a bright golden appearance but will slowly turn greenish and brown over time. Considered a “living finish”, the natural color change occurs quickly and depending on environmental conditions, the final color will vary. In general, in outdoor conditions in the presence of salt, humidity and sunlight, brass will turn from a bright patina to brown-greenish tones, and will darken over time.

Brass forms a protective oxide layer when exposed to air that prevents further corrosion. Like copper, it is a highly sustainable material, with a total recovery rate at the end of its life cycle, and high percentages of recycled material in its composition. Most brass can be re-melted and reformed indefinitely without losing properties.

It is a material widely used in architecture and interior design. At Codina Architectural we offer brass meshes with natural or lacquered finish.

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