Metal Curtains

Codina Architectural’s wire meshes can be used as mesh metal curtains to visually separate environments or as a decorative element to create one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

Interior design curtains by Codina

Mesh metal curtains applications

First of all, using wire mesh metal curtains in interior architecture can be used to separate environments, which could even be mobile when installed with fastenings that allow them to be dragged. This makes it possible to create differentiated areas, delimiting and distributing transit areas, without impeding the passage of natural or artificial light, sound, and air. What’s more, they do so while maintaining the feeling of spaciousness, visual depth, and flexibility of the interior.

Aesthetic curtains

Secondly, wire mesh for curtains can be used as a decorative element, giving spaces a one-of-a-kind aesthetic and becoming a key element in interior design projects. As they can be made to measure, customised, painted, and finished in a wide range of ways, the design possibilities are virtually infinite. Even the shape and size of the spiral will contribute to creating surprising or subtle effects wherever they are installed.

Advantages of using metal curtains

In addition to the aesthetic benefit, the benefits of using wire mesh as curtains include durability, cleanability, and easy maintenance. It also provides structural integrity and resistance superior to that of other materials that offer the same function.Although there are several wire mesh models that can be used for curtains, the most popular are those with a small spiral size, a feature that makes them versatile when it comes to obtaining multiple shapes and uses, making them perfect in applications such as this.

Codina Architectural’s architectural meshes for curtains are manufactured in copper, aluminium, stainless steel, or brass. They allow multiple finishes and different shades to adapt to any type of project, making it easier for architects, interior designers, and builders to produce the exact solution required.

Mesh models available for curtains