Each type of business needs to be analysed in order to improve the customer experience, which can also result in an enhanced identity of the establishment.

The best image for your store

Architecture in the retail sector is essential for designing unique commercial spaces that attract consumers, as its objective is to transform the act of buying into a unique experience. It is therefore important that retail architecture and design unite with the aim of creating a captivating space that manages to attract and retain the customer.

Woven metal meshes are an excellent way to dress up your shop windows, counters or exhibitors while adding visual interest and depth.

Retail design aims to capture the ideology behind the store through its decorative elements, such as the colours or the furniture used in the establishment. The installation of metal meshes in stores and shops creates unique visual effects, while adding elegance and originality to spaces, without reducing the amount of light that passes through the mesh, creating an effect that highlights the reflection of light on the products.

Storefront lighting systems can be an excellent addition to any type of retail establishment. Combined with your metal meshes will give a high level appearance to your business.

Usages, shapes and materials of metal meshes for retail architecture.

When selecting woven mesh for your retail store, the type of weave depends on the use case. That’s why it is essential to determine which type is ideal for your business.

Our wire meshes comes in several varieties, such as square weave, spirals or rhombus shaped. Opening sizes can also vary a lot, making it incredibly versatile.

The most widely-used metal mesh in the industry is stainless steel. This durable, strong and lightweight material can be quickly installed at your business location due to its superior rust resistance and corrosion-resistance qualities. Applications include security screens and fencing, machine guards, sifting screens and enclosures.

Other metals are also suitable for weaving metal mesh, such as copper (more elegant and conducting) or aluminium (more lightweight).

Other advantages of using metal meshes in retail stores

Separating environments with metal meshes without having to resort to walls allows you to create differentiated and separate areas according to the type of product that is for sale. In addition, by installing metal meshes in retail architecture, it is possible to spread out the movement of customers within the establishment without creating a visual or acoustic barrier, maintaining a feeling of spaciousness and visual depth in the space.

Meshes are highly effective at trapping and reducing dust, pollen, debris and other particles in the air. Furthermore, they filter out bacteria and odors, making them ideal for sensitive environments exposed to heavy airborne pollutants.

Codina Architectural produces a wide range of metal meshes in stainless steel, aluminium, and copper with multiple finishes and shades to adapt to any project. The format and size of the metal mesh will help create different effects in the space in which it is installed. As it can be painted and applied with different types of finishes, the design possibilities are practically endless.

Mesh models available for retail stores