Dubai Frame


Between the Arabian desert and the Persian Gulf lies Dubai, a place where luxury and ostentation know no bounds, with huge avenues, amazing skyscrapers, shopping centres and more. A city that’s an innovative funfair for architects.

An incredible new space has been created in Dubai with a sole objective: To be the frame of the city. Quite literally, as we refer to a huge metal frame that you can go up and get the best views of the city.

The structure will be opened in 2017 and will consist of two 150-metre-high towers connected by a 100-metre-long glass bridge.

The views from the top promise to be spectacular. Visitors will be able to see through 360 degrees over the city, both modern Dubai with the Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa and the old town, with Deira market, Umm Hurair and the Karama district to the north.

Inside, there will be shops and interactive panels for tourists, along with exhibitions and a museum on the history and origins of the area.

If you don’t know where to go on your next trip, there’s something to think about!



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