EIFFEL 4050 model is the more versatile and abaptable to curved or non-lineal geometries from the EIFFEL Series. Allowing architects design special building effect, or shapes, balancing the design with the project budget. CODINA produce multiple materials finishes and Color shades for this model, allowing the model to suit any project requirement.

EIFFEL 4050 Architectural Mesh


Architectural wire mesh model EIFFEL 4050

Weight: 6,7 kg/m2 / 2,6 kg/m2
Open area: 48%
Material: Stainless steel / Aluminium
Maximum width: 8 m
Finishes: Natural, Painted, Sandblasted, Brushed / Anodized natural, Anodized bronce, Anodized cava, Anodized gold, Painted. More colors available on request.

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