MIES-F architectural mesh model is one of our most suitable meshes to fit any outdoor or indoor applications. Its small size of spiral allows the architect to obtain multitude shapes. The design with flat wire, allows to balance the opacity without compromising the weight of the mesh. This mesh allows to install it as a movable curtain. CODINA produce multiple materials finishes and color shades for this model, allowing to this mesh to suit any project requirement.

MIES F mesh model


Architectural mesh model MIES F

Weight: 7,3 kg/m2 / 2,5 kg/m2 / 8,3 kg/m2
Open area: 37%
Material: Stainless steel / Aluminium / Copper
Maximum width: 5.5 m (larger widths available on request)
Finishes: Natural, Painted, Sandblasted, Brushed / Anodized, Painted / Lacquered, Natural. More colors available on request.

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