Codina Architectural’s wire mesh can be used in multi-storey car park buildings as a facade enclosure, a security element, and a visually attractive easy-to-install architectural solution. The practical and functional benefits of using wire mesh in car park buildings include natural ventilation, safety, and easy maintenance.

The perfect wall for parkings

A metal mesh is perfect for closing or delimitating parking lots, while can be used as a design feature for a new parking garage or to add a visual impact to an existing one. A particular benefit of using wire mesh in car park buildings is the aesthetic solution that it provides, which depending on the project, gives the building a unique and attractive appearance, while keeping the vehicles out of sight. The ability of wire mesh to adapt to different geometric shapes and structures means the architectural or construction team of the car park can create a design that stands out.Codina Architectural’s wire meshes are easy to install and require little maintenance. Depending on the material chosen, they can even come with anti-corrosion treatments, which contribute to extending the useful life of these installations.

In addition to being an ideal way to close off parking lots, a metal mesh is also great for providing the required ventilation for a building’s interior spaces. The mesh enables air to circulate naturally, eliminating the need for large and expensive air handling units. Natural ventilation of the building’s interior is achieved through the air flow generated by the opening of the wire mesh itself. During the day, this flexible metal enclosure offers protection from the sun by filtering the incoming sunlight. Moreover, it can be coated with different finishes to make it more attractive and safer.

Safety for car parks: Metal mesh for parkings

Safety is a major concern for any parking structure. Visitors may slip or trip and fall, which can cause them to hurt themselves or their vehicles. The wire mesh also acts as a simple safety barrier, creating a safe environment for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Materials of metal mesh for parkings

Choosing the right metal for your application is key to achieving a high-performance parking garage. Codina Architectural’s architectural meshes for car parks are manufactured in copper, brass, aluminium, or stainless steel. They allow a wide range of finishes and different shades to adapt to any type of project, making it easier for architects and builders to provide the exact solution required.

Woven wire mesh is woven to size in the same way cloth is woven on a loom. It can be crafted in various wire crimps and weave styles to accommodate a wide array of building designs.

Our meshes in parking projects:

Mesh models available for parkings

Close up mesh model DaVinci FC

DaVinci FC

DA VINCI FC model is woven wire pattern design combining straight rods and pre-undulated rods. The model is mainly made in Stainless steel, but other combinations are available.

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Cover image of Aalto Mesh model by Codina Architectural. A woven wire pattern designed with four cables and one rod, ideal for facades, banisters, and various applications. Primarily made in stainless steel, with other combinations available.


Discover the Aalto model by Codina Architectural, a stunning architectural metal mesh designed to elevate any project. With a woven wire pattern featuring four cables and one rod, the Aalto model is perfect for facades, banisters, and a variety of other applications. Crafted primarily from stainless steel, Codina Architectural offers multiple material finishes and color shades, ensuring the Aalto model can seamlessly integrate into any architectural design.

Featuring an open area of 53.3% and a maximum width of 4 meters, the Aalto model provides versatility and durability for various architectural projects. The stainless steel construction, weighing 5.6 kg/m2, offers both strength and aesthetic appeal.

Start your architectural journey with Codina Architectural’s Aalto model, an exemplary solution for projects ranging from interiors to exteriors. Explore the endless possibilities of architectural mesh with Codina Architectural today!

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