Sport facilities and stadiums

Codina Architectural metal meshes are perfect when creating metal structures for sports facilities and stadiums. In these large constructions, the metal mesh allows ventilation and structural beauty to exist while closing the enclosure to prevent entry from unauthorized access.

Metal structures for sport facilities and stadiums

The metal structures in sport facilities and stadiums give the place a modern image with the possibility of making beautiful light effects with the night lighting on the metal with the colors of the team. During the day, metal gives a sensation of spaciousness and of a well-closed and hermetic stadium or sports equipment.

As for the most practical aspect, the metal meshes that surround the sports facility prevent unwanted access by animals or people outside the sporting event. It also makes people who attend sporting events more secure by avoiding falls from height. They also allow the passage of air and light for better maintenance of the grass in stadiums and provide the necessary ventilation when holding events with many people.

Finally, we must highlight the efficiency in the use of architectural metal mesh to close sport facilities and stadiums. It is a resistant, long-lasting material that costs less than traditional walls and is installed in much less time than a concrete wall or similar.

Mesh models available for stadiums