Metal mesh by Codina Architectural can be used in the construction of indoor and outdoor metal staircase railing. It is most often used to cover the gap between the handrails and the stairways or the entire side walls running along the edge of the steps, sometimes creating metal boxes. This is a simple, effective way of improving the safety and appearance of this pedestrian infrastructure that connects the various floors of a building.


The benefits of using metal mesh on staircases include cleanness, durability, and appearance. In addition, structural integrity and strength are greater than those of other materials that provide the same function.  

Perhaps one of the most advantageous features is that metal mesh allows the entry of natural or artificial air and light. This makes it the ideal solution for installation on outdoor stairways attached to a building and for indoor spaces in which a lift has been installed in the stairwell.

Metal mesh is a hygienic option and anti-corrosion treatments may be available depending on the selected material. This helps extend the service life and ensure easy maintenance of these facilities.

Modern and contemporary

Apart from the functionality of metal mesh designed for stairways, its appearance is also a factor. It is usually modern and contemporary and the design possibilities are almost endless in view of the numerous metal mesh models by Codina Architectural and the different colours and finishes available. 

Finally, the metal mesh is custom made, enabling architects, interior designers and builders to accurately define and draw the solution to be installed in their project. 

Architectural mesh for staircases by Codina Architectural is made of copper, aluminium, brass or stainless steel. It is available in different finishes and shades to suit any type of project.

Mesh models available for staircases