520 West 28th Street, project of the year

This incredible project in New York city has been named Project of the Year for 2017. At 520 West 28th Street, Chelsea, south of Hudson Yards, New York’s most magical and luxurious residential project is now taking form. Zaha Hadid Architects were this month appointed as designers of the building, which soon earned it the title.

Zaha Hadid was a visionary architect and the founder of Zaha Hadid Architects. She won the Pritzker Prize, architecture’s highest accolade, in 2004. Hadid earned a global reputation in a career that spanned over 30 years with projects whose dynamism and innovation marked a revolutionary departure in the worlds of planning and architecture.

The intention behind this latest project is to create a dynamic dialogue between the raised park and surrounding environment, separating yet articulating its different zones.

The building will contain 39 residential units through its 11 floors. Each level is different, although the units themselves all occupy 510.97 square metres with ceilings 3.35 metres high. For residents, the complex is all about privacy and exclusiveness – with a mezzanine lobby, open-air garden, spacious terraces, pool, spa, games room and cinema. These are just some of the facilities residents have at their disposal. Spaciousness and attention to detail are equally in evidence, in keeping with the luxury character of the project.

The price of these incredible apartments ranges from 5 million dollars for the most bijou to 25 million for the largest and most luxurious.


Watch the video here:

Photo: Arch daily



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