Foro Contract MÁLAGA | AyE February 2024

Codina Architectural was present at the Foro Contract event in Malaga on February 15.

On February 15, more than 140 experts in architecture, interior design and specifications met at the Torremolinos Congress Palace, created by the architects of La-Hoz and Olivares, to participate in the Málaga Contract Forum of Architecture and Business.

Codina Architectural en Foro Contract Málaga 2024

The Contract Forum is an event that brings together architecture, interior design and specification professionals to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in the field of design and construction. It is held in various cities, both nationally and internationally, with the aim of promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences among participants. The origin of the Contract Forum dates back to the need to create meeting spaces for professionals in the sector, where they can debate and learn about topics relevant to their field. This event is primarily aimed at architects, interior designers, prescription teams and other key players in the construction and design industry.

Contract Forum is an event promoted by Arquitectura y Empresa. You can access their website at this link.



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