A New Project by Codina: EOS Residential Complex, Montpellier

On 1 April 2016, the new EOS residential complex was opened in Montpellier. The residential complex has been designed to an impeccable level, giving it the air of a work of art, thanks to its exclusive interiors and its external design clad in Codina metal mesh, undertaken together with our French partner, Maille Metal Design.

Designed by the French architect Jean Baptiste Miralles, the complex comprises 41 apartments, distributed over a total area of 3,362 m2, with 2 basement levels, 33 parking spaces, and 7 residential floors, including duplex apartments on the top floor.

The most attractive features of the complex are its large balconies with a depth of more than 2 metres and, above all, their cladding in Codina metal mesh, which gives them a thoroughly modern feel, providing privacy while at the same time offering extensive views. These luxurious balconies provide a relaxation area, ideal for enjoying the Mediterranean climate.

The luxurious EOS complex is much more than a residential building. EOS has a common area in the foyer, which is decorated with plants and natural rock; a small botanical garden that adds a touch of excellence.

Furthermore, buyers of these exclusive apartments will be offered the guidance and advice of an interior designer to help them with the decoration of each of the thematic areas into which the homes are divided, providing indispensable assistance in cultivating the harmony of this remarkable residential development in the south of France.

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