Codina Metal featured in Industria del Acero magazine

Industria del Acero, published by Grupo Milenio of Monterrey (Mexico), made the Groupama Arena project in Budapest a feature story in its May issue. In particular its original Codina stainless-steel mesh cladding.

The two-page spread describes the peculiarities of the stadium, home of Ferencvárosi TC, and its new avant-garde design, based particularly around stainless steel mesh, which is inspiring much admiration.

In general terms, the feature highlights the versatility of the Codina mesh which adapts to a great variety of forms and structures, as illustrated by the example of the stadium, and our company’s century of experience in creating a broad range of metal fabrics which have gained considerable renown in modern architecture in recent years.

Download feature in PDF format (pages 26-27)



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