New finishes, textures and colours for Codina Architectural’s metal meshes

The new finishes and colors for the architectural meshes from Codina Architectural expand the design possibilities in interior and exterior architecture projects. Among the new proposals, stand out the metallic copper meshes with a new textured effect finish or the new paint applications that imitate aged metals.


All of Codina Architectural’s metallic meshes can be painted in a wide range of colours. For interior applications, painting a metal panel that is installed as an interior partition or cladding can add texture and personality to a space.

Special treatments

Copper is a material can be used to manufacture architectural mesh and is a corrosion-resistant and very hygienic metal, as it slows bacterial growth. However, to remove any traces of coatings, corrosion, contamination or residues from this metal, a special purification treatment needs to be applied. This is a method of “extreme cleaning” for metal that leaves the surface with a brushed and matted look, with no signs of rust.

Unique effects

Codina Architectural can also apply special paints to the architectural meshes to create metallic, textured or dual-colour effects. These coatings can even imitate rusted and aged metals, giving a very realistic chromatic effect.

These chromatic and aesthetic options are in addition to the architectural, functional and aesthetic features that Codina Architectural’s metal meshes already possess. These solutions can be used in façades, cladding, enclosures, curtains, ceilings, or as interior partitions. They can therefore be installed as the enclosure around public and private buildings (for commercial or corporate use), train stations and airports, sports facilities such as sports stadiums, or in distinctive hotels. They can also be used in shops and indoor commercial spaces as a divider or decorative feature. In addition, the meshes can be found in urban security features such as perimeter fences, in street furniture or as an additional security feature on the terraces and balconies of residential buildings.

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