Project Mesh Model: Jacobsen 1515

Barber’s Club. Mallorca (Spain)

Architectural Mesh for cladding:

A combination between the softness and the warmth of the velvety facing as a handle in contrast to the millimeter precision and coldness of the Codina architectural metal mesh sheet that covers it delimiting the surface of the premises creates a perfect balance between delicacy and rawness in this project. Click for more information.
Location: Mallorca (Spain)
Architectural mesh model: Different models have been used for this project:
EIFFEL 1550 stainless wire mesh model: 16 m2 – MIES stainless wire mesh model: 6 m2 – JACOBSEN 1515 stainless wire mesh model: 56 m2
Application: Cladding
Fastening technique: TF-60
Architecture and design: Minimal Studio
Architect: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: Art Sanchez Photography

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Fastening technique: TF-60