Cesson-Via Silva Station – Rennes, France

Architectural mesh for cladding

The Cesson-Via Silva station on metro line B in Rennes, France, is the first station of the future Via Silva eco-city, which is currently under development. Located in an urban square, it is raised nine metres above the ground by the viaduct over which the tracks and trains pass, and so it also serves as a viewpoint.

The ovoid-shaped station is constructed using the stainless-steel metal meshes Candela F that wraps around the viaduct without touching the infrastructure. This is made possible by the fact that it is supported by a system of beams, which also frees up the interior space of the station for platforms, ticket offices and transit areas. In the interior, to counterbalance the stainless steel and glass, oak wood ceilings have been installed, which not only provide warmth, but which also serve as acoustic insulation.

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Location: Rennes, France
Architects: Antracita, AMA and Ludovic Alexandre
Application: cladding
Architectural mesh model: Candela F
Fixing technique: TF-60
Photos: Boreal Production. 2021

Mesh model

Fastening technique