De La Gardie Shopping Center – Tallinn, Estonia

La Gardie Shopping Center


Architectural mesh for facades

The De la Gardie Shopping Center in Tallinn, one of Alver Architects’ most famous buildings, is located on the main shopping street of the city. The building is the result of intense discussions between architects and planning and conservation authorities about the possibilities of new buildings in a medieval city that belongs to the UNESCO world heritage list, and to this day it remains one of the few examples of modern architecture in this part of Tallinn.

The structure of the building fits within the historical limits that make up the site. Its volume and facades take into account the surrounding scale of the urban landscape, its height and rhythm and the changes brought by the 19th and 20th centuries. The choice of materials reflects the existing facades of historic buildings, but also adds some new points in the use of traditional materials. Thus, the building’s windows are clad with Torroja R stainless steel metal mesh, which provides a superior aesthetic and a modern touch to the building, while helping to regulate excess sunlight that may enter the building.