La Maruca de la Castellana Restaurant - Madrid, Spain

Architectural Meshes for Partitions

La Maruca de la Castellana is a large premises that has been refurbished by the Madrid architectural studio Zooco. The walls were covered with ceramics and oak wood slats, a series of shelves with illuminated photographs or structures for the back bar and overbar were configured. In order to be able to divide this vast and long room perceptively rather than visually, some MIES R-model suspended metal meshes in graphite by Codina Architectural were installed. These architectural meshes become separators that generate differentiated environments (bar – lounge – rooms – reserved area) making them more welcoming, but without ever losing the visual depth that is a feature of the premises.

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Application: Partitions.
Location: Madrid (Spain)
Architect: Zooco.
Model: MIES R.
Fastening technique: TF-60
Photo: Imagen Subliminal.

Project Mesh Model:

Fastening technique: