Leandre Cristòfol Municipal School of Art – Lleida, Spain

Architectural mesh for facade

The building of the Leandre Cristòfol Municipal Art School, the work of the architect Jaume Terés, is located in the old church of Sant Pau in Lleida and is organised on the basis of the interaction of the formal and spatial elements that make up the historical memory of the place together with the new uses and the demands of contemporary language.

The access from Carrer La Palma and the facade on Carrer Sant Doménec have been preserved from the old church of Sant Pau. These elements merge with the new architecture, which seeks a new balance between the built complex and the new public space. To cover the external façade of the training centre extension, the Gropius R metal mesh has been used, which has been anchored to the building’s structure with the TF-15 fastening technique, giving the school a more modern and avant-garde appearance.

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Location: Lleida, Spain
Architect: Jaume Terés
Application: facade
Architectural mesh model:
Gropius R
Fixing technique: TF-15

Mesh model

Fastening technique